Theresa May is an apologist for dangerous biogtry

Donald Trump’s election campaign was misogynistic and racist. Sadly and predictably, since becoming President of the United States, he has not changed a bit.


He has attacked refugees and women’s rights in his first week, making an executive order to ban immigration from 7 Muslim countries and ordered an outright ban on Syrian refugees.


This executive order goes against the grain of a tolerant and civilized society. It is contrary to our beliefs as UK citizens. It is a heartless and cowardly stance. Theresa May has completely failed to condemn Trump’s actions. As Prime Minister she is more concerned with cozying up to Donald Trump than speaking up for the people he is busy trampling on. Theresa the Appeaser said US immigration is a matter for the White House, not for her to comment on. And then she said the state visit for Trump had been decided by a faceless committee, nothing to do with her. Our Prime Minister is an apologist for dangerous bigotry.


I stand with the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn in calling to halt the planned state visit and to force Theresa May to do the right thing; to condemn Trump’s actions in the clearest terms.

A state visit to the UK is a statement of our nation’s friendship and openness. We must not extend this honour to a man whose aim is to divide the world. America has long been a great ally of Britain but we cannot stay silent when someone so powerful is set on drawing divides on race, nationality and gender.

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