The Lords Article 50 Amendments and Abortion Decriminalisation

My video message on today's business in Parliament.

And the full transcript below: 

"Hello, it’s a lovely sunny day here in Westminster.

Today the House of Commons will consider the two amendments made by the House of Lords to the Brexit Bill last week.

The first amendment ensures that parliament would get a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal at the end of the Article 50 process.

The second amendment guarantees the legal status of EU citizens living in the UK, putting at rest the worries of thousands of people currently in limbo about their status here.

I’ll be supporting both amendments and Labour will keep fighting to ensure the best possible deal for the UK.

Later on today, Diana Johnson MP has brought a private members Bill forwards today.

Surprisingly abortion is still a criminal act in England and Wales. This is due to legislation that has been in place since 1861. The Abortion Act 1967 did not decriminalise abortion, it only set circumstances in which women could legally get one. 

Currently, women have to get the signatures of two doctors, meaning that women unable to reach abortion services are technically committing a criminal act if they buy pills online. 

There is no evidence from countries that have already decriminalised abortions that the Bill would lead to more late term abortions, so there is no reason why we shouldn’t bring the law up to date here.

It should be a fundamental right for women to take the serious decision to have an abortion. Women should have total autonomy over their own bodies, so I’ll definitely be supporting this bill."

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