Gill's statement on a snap election in June

Although today’s announcement is unexpected as Theresa May has for months denied there would be a general election, if the vote tomorrow is successful I absolutely welcome the opportunity to put our Labour policies before the British people. While May’s government continues to muddle through the Brexit process, Labour have been putting together proposals that will unite, protect and strengthen the people of Britain.

The Labour Party is clear that we will respect the vote to leave the European Union. However, the Labour Party is also clear that we will tread a path to Brexit that is inclusive of the whole country, not a divisive hard Brexit that will damage the economy and the lives of ordinary working people.

Under this Tory government, we have a crisis in the NHS, a crisis in social care, and school funding slashed across the country. Only Labour will protect the NHS, defend social care services, protect school budgets rather than pursuing divisive grammar schools, restore disabled benefits, and reverse the Tory tax cuts to the richest.

An alternative is needed. After years of deep austerity cuts and now with the uncertainties of a hard Brexit, the Labour Party is ready with an effective alternative to a Tory government that has failed ordinary working people.

Gill Furniss MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough

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