Furniss blasts unfairness of shambolic Tory budget

Gill Furniss, Labour’s candidate for the Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election, commenting on the Budget, said:

“This Budget is the culmination of six years of Tory failure.

“George Osborne promised to balance the books by 2015 but even now we seem no closer to him achieving that, despite the billions of pounds he’s slashed from public services used by people in Sheffield.

“It’s a Budget with unfairness at its very core, paid for by those who can least afford it.

“Where was the help for families struggling to get by on low incomes?

“There should have been much more help for the steel industry to help firms like Forgesmasters.

“This Budget shows why Brightside and Hillsborough needs a strong Labour MP fighting the corner of local people, standing up to the Tories in Westminster.”


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