Fuel Poverty Awareness day



Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is a national campaign to highlight the problem of fuel poverty, which currently sees over four million households unable to afford the energy they need to stay warm and healthy in their homes. It is a particular problem for those in low incomes living in energy inefficient homes that are difficult and expensive to heat.

In Parliament this week, myself and Alan Whitehead, Shadow Minister for Climate Change ran the #endfuelpoverty campaign, working alongside the fuel poverty charity NEA, raising awareness of the issue and making MP’s aware of a variety of resources available to help those in need.

Living in a cold, damp home can lead to extremely poor health, especially in those who are vulnerable such as older people, young children, and those with long-term sickness and disabilities. Not only will it be causing misery for millions of people this winter, but also placing a huge strain on our already stretched health services.

In Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough a shocking 7241 households are believed to be in fuel poverty.

The Government is not doing enough to address the cold homes crisis, however I know that there is excellent work going on in my constituency and across the UK to tackle this issue, and I look forward to working alongside others in the community to help raise awareness of the problem and the solutions available.

On this page, you will find a handful of resources from the NEA offering advice on how to reduce your energy bills and ways to keep your warm home.


Your Home Energy Checklist

At-a-glance top tips on how to stay warm, safe and healthy at home.



Steps to Affordable Warmth (Video)

Top tips to stay warm and healthy at home, available in video format [available from 10 February].



Community Action on Fuel Poverty

This web-based resource provides access to a range of research and toolkits to enable practitioners to take action to tackle fuel poverty in their community



The following are reports looking at what local and national schemes are available across the UK, as well as how health and wellbeing boards are responding to NICE guidelines on fuel poverty:

  Prospectus for Universal Affordable Warmth

 Produced by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency (FPEEG), this guide details the benefits of current local and national schemes which do, or can, provide affordable warmth across the UK.



Get Warm Soon

 This report provides details on the extent to which every health and wellbeing board in England is including public health indicators on fuel poverty and excess winter deaths in their needs assessments and health and wellbeing strategies, and applying NICE recommendations to reduce ill health associated within living in a cold home.


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