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People from across the Labour movement are backing Gill's campaign. If you'd like to join them, visit www.gillfurniss.org.uk/support.

Lord David Blunkett former MP, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough

“Gill has been a friend and a colleague as long as I can remember. She has represented on the council, the same local area (Southey Green) which I represented for 18 years before entering Parliament.

She understands and has voiced the hopes and fears, the aspiration and the challenges of those who deserve a better and more equal world in which to live.

I won't pretend we agree on everything - anyone who knows us both will know well that we don't - but her experience both on the council, in her working life and in Brightside and Hillsborough's communities will stand her in good stead.

I wish Gill every luck in taking her ability to represent people to the next level. It is understandable and commendable that she wants now to represent the area in which she lives, and the people who she has already been representing.”

Abtisam Mohammed, Firth Park council

Gill has experience of local issues and of Westminster, she’s worked in services we all rely on. She is best placed to take what we need here to the national stage.

Councillor Leigh Brammall, Southey

“Gill is passionate about people here. I see it every day as a fellow ward councillor. She listens, engages and works hard. That’s how she fought off UKIP at the last election — people know she’ll stand up for them.”

Councillor Alan Law ,Firth Park

Gill would be a top notch MP. She’s got so much experience to offer, she’d make a real impact in the Commons.

Paula Sherriff MP

“I campaigned side by side with Gill at the election. She’s a straight talking woman who people love on the doorstep. She’s lived a real life, we need a bit more of that in Parliament.”

Talib Hussain, Burngreave, Lord Mayor

"I am confident Gill will make a wonderful MP, I am so pleased she has been shortlisted by the NEC. I hope all our local members will unite around Gill now, so that she can continue the work started by Harry Harpham, if we select her it will be a great result for our constituency and our party"

Chaplin Family, Southey

"Gill is an excellent Councillor for Southey Ward which lies within the Brightside & Hillsborough Constituency. An asset to the Labour Party, She grew up in the area, has sound local knowledge, strong socialist values, and as MP will be a strong advocate for her constituents"

Councillor Jackie Drayton, Burngreave

“The last time that Brightside had a woman MP was 33 years ago! It was wonderful Joan Maynard. I'm supporting Gill Furniss, another feisty woman, for our next MP. Hope you will too.”

Nassar Raoof, Burngreave

“Gill is the right person for the job, I hope people will case their ballots for her on Thursday.”

Richard Burgon MP

"Gill is a working class woman born and bred in her patch. Her experience and track record speak for themselves. She’d be an authentic, genuine and common sense voice for Brightside and Hillsborough."

Mohammed Qasim, Burngreave

“You've got my full support Gill, and my friends of the Kashmir and Pakistani communities. You will carry on the legacy of Harry Harpham and David Blunkett.”

Joan Barton, Shiregreen & Brightside

“I’ve known Gill a long time, I know how hard she would work and how ferociously she’s fight for us as our MP.”

Councillor Tony Damms, Firth park branch member Councillor in Southey

“Gill is our constituency through and through. She started her working life here, raised her kids here and I work alongside her here as councillor. She has my vote.” 

Councillor Ibrar Hussain, Burngreave

"I will be voting Gill, that's certain, and the choice is now clear for Brightside and Hillsborough.”

Cllr George Lindars Hammond, Hillsborough

Our constituency is diverse, from Southey to Burngreave to Hillsborough, our candidate and MP has to have a broad appeal and a broad understanding of the area we life in. For me, Gill has that.

Jane & Roger Bird, Shiregreen & Brightside

We have known Gill for a number of years both as a colleague and friend. She is a very hardworking, dedicated Councillor who lives in the constituency and therefore knows at first hand the challenges we face. We whole heartedly endorse Gill to become our Member of Parliament for Brightside and Hillsborough in the forthcoming by election.

Cllr Sioned Mair-Richards, Shiregreen & Brightside

Gill has my support 100%. She’s smart, local and has already achieved things for local people. We’d be proud to have her as our MP.

Craig Gamble Pugh, Burngreave

Gill is the silver lining we need in Brightside and Hillsborough - she's full of conviction and passion, a real force of nature and a refreshing, authentic, down to earth local woman who will make us proud.

Lisa Banes

“At a time when we need to rebuild trust in politics, we need a community MP. Someone who will not only fight for local people in Westminster, but who has a strong attachment to the constituency and will join us in the community. Someone who will not only listen, but will genuinely understand what we're going through. Gill is one of us, she will bring all this and more to the role.”

Mohammed Issa, Burngreave

Gill is honest, committed, a genuine person who cares for others. These are all qualities we need in our MP.

Councillor Bob Johnson, Hillsborough

Brightside and Hillsborough has had some fantastic MPs, people really from our communities who have been a genuine voice for people here in Parliament. Gill will continue that legacy if elected.

Angela Weatherall, Southey

There is no one better suited to following in David and Harry’s footsteps. I wish Gill all the best and very good luck.

John Gamble Pugh, Burngreave

Gill has strong labour values and is very committed to the local community. I can't imagine a better person to represent us as our MP.

Ben Walters

“As a young member, I see politics changing. People don’t want detached politicians, we want MPs who sound like we do and get why politics isn't working. That’s why I’m supporting Gill.”

Mark Jones, Hillsborough

Gill is exactly the sort of MP we need. I’d be proud to vote for her on election day!

Hannah Gibbins, Hillsborough

“I worked for Harry and saw how tough the job of bring a good MP can be. Gill will be amazing at it if elected.”

Chris Weldon, Burngreave

Gill is born and bred in Brightside and Hillsborough who has fought for this area for many years. We need an MP who understands the area, the communities and the challenges and Gill being a longstanding local representative would mean that we have a local, down to earth, representative in Westminster.

James Gedge, Hillsborough

“A trade unionist who has fought for working people her entire life — that’s someone I’d be proud to vote for on polling day. Good luck, Gill!”

Councillor Olivia Blake, Walkley

“Being able to learn from Gill (and Harry) on the council has been invaluable, she’s got tonnes of experience that you only get from actually getting stuck in.”

Gary Weatherall, Southey

“It didn’t take long to decide Gill was the one to back. She’s got a local track record I’ve seen first hand.”

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Central ward

"When people say ‘they’re all the same’ we can point to Gill and say ‘really?’. She’s lived in Sheffield all of her life and spent that time standing up for people here as a union rep and councillor."

Fouad Al Rajawi, Firth Park

"I believe Gill will represent all the communities in Brightside and Hillsborough, and I hope my many fellow Yemeni members will support her"

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Cabinet member

“You can’t underestimate how much a local connection matters to people. Voters from Southey to Firth Park know Gill and know she’ll fight for them.”

Steve Sheldon, CWU, Burngreave

“If you want a job done right, speak to Gill! She a longstanding trade union activist and Labour Party member who knows how to make politics work for ordinary people.”

Councillor Ben Curran, Cabinet member

“Thirty years of actually representing people in Sheffield is no small feat. It would be great to see Gill take that final step into Parliament to give a voice to the people she already serves so well.”

Fran Belbin, new member Burngreave

“I am endorsing Gill Furniss as Labour candidate for Brightside and Hillsborough. Having met Gill recently, she impressed me as a genuinely local candidate with an understanding of the issues facing our area. She is a committed trade unionist and experienced in standing up for people in our community. She is also willing to listen and learn from her constituents about the issues affecting their lives.”

Dr Rhona Jackson New member, Burngreave

“Gill Furniss is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. Her priorities are what matters to her constituents, what matters locally. She really cares. I can’t think of a better person to represent Sheffield in general.”

Ed Heath-Whyte, Hillsborough

“If Gill’s our candidate, I know people will come out and vote for her on election day. She knows how to campaign and people know here across the constituency.”

Sahir Ali

Gill is an inspirational, hardworking and fantastic role model for all working class people. She is the future, and the MP that Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough need. 

James and Emily Ahmed, Burngreave

Gulfraz Ahmed and family, Burngreave

Tracey Hudson, Burngreave

Raja Ghazi Khan, Burngreave

Matthew Banes, Firth Park

Aden Jama, Burngreave

Kuram Hussain, Burngreave

Faizan Din, Burngreave

Kabir Din, Burngreave

Waleed Din, Burngreave

Abbas Shah, Burngreave

Laura Clarke, Firth Park

Mick and Linda Daniels, Firth Park

Tracey Brough, Burngreave

Vicky Westwood, Hillsborough

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