A vision for the sector, Steel2020, launches today

Today, the APPG on Steel and Metal Related Industries launched their new report, Steel2020. 

The report is a vital vision for a sector in decline. If the report's recommendations are listened to then steelworkers, the economy and the whole of UK manufacturing will benefit.

The report can be found here and my thoughts are below:

“I thoroughly welcome this Steel 2020 report and offer my sincere thanks and congratulations to the APPG on Steel and Metal Related industries for their tireless efforts on this important work. The wide variety of expert sources that have contributed gives the Steel 2020 report a solid stamp of authority, and I hope its recommendations are given the attention they deserve.

 “Steel is a key foundation industry for the UK, and this report gives the long-term vision for a productive and innovative sector that would underpin the whole of British manufacturing. A ‘Steel Catapult’ proposal, changes to procurement policies, strategic interventions around supply chains and training, and clear trade strategy post-Brexit that sees off international dumping are some of the key recommendations of this report, among many others.

“This blueprint for the steel sector could revitalize the industry, if the government are prepared to listen. It says everything you need to know about the government’s real priorities that their flagship Green Paper on industrial strategy only mentions steel once in passing and doesn’t mention trade unions at all. When it comes to the steel industry, they’re standing by rather than stepping in.” 

-           Gill Furniss MP, Shadow Minister for Steel, Postal Services and Consumer Protection

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